Dream Yacht Sabbatical FAQs

How do I book a sabbatical yacht charter?
To book a sabbatical yacht charter, you can fill in the enquiry form on our sabbatical page, describing your requirements and plans, email or call us. Or you can take a look at our special offers.

How long does it take to set up a sabbatical yacht charter?
It can take around nine to 18 months to set up a sabbatical yacht charter. We can offer shorter availability if you are flexible on your destination and voyage timeframe.

Where can I sail a sabbatical charter?
You can choose to sail your sabbatical charter from our range of destinations worldwide. We find that the South Pacific is popular with European sailors, while North Americans and Australians head to the Mediterranean. We also offer the Caribbean, Phuket and opportunities to charter transatlantic. Many sabbatical sailors tend to choose places that are hard to explore fully during a normal charter duration.

What are the costs of a sabbatical yacht charter?
With our sabbatical charters, the costs are known at the start of the trip and there are no nasty surprises, such as if there is an equipment failure.

Our sabbatical service is the first time a one-stop offer has been made available for sabbatical charters, including the training and voyage support 24/7. The operation and maintenance of offshore yachts for blue water cruises, together with the staff and base support, is a serious operation.

Our service means customers can focus on their job and career until shortly before departure. When they return, they can get back into the business without wasting an infinite amount of time on buying, equipping, paperwork and selling a boat.

What is the typical duration of a sabbatical charter?
The typical duration for most sabbatical charters is around three or nine months and often matches the sailing season in the area.

For durations of less than five months, we recommend going outside the high season when marinas, anchorages and attractions are less crowded and we can offer better availability and pricing.

The best time for a sabbatical charter in the Mediterranean and South Pacific is between April and June, while the best time for a long-term charter in the Caribbean is from mid January to June. September to November is a great time to sail Tahiti and New Caledonia.

How can we best prepare ourselves for a sabbatical charter?
You can prepare for a sabbatical yacht charter with the following:

  • Charter a similar boat for a week or two and learn your strengths and weaknesses. We will count some of the charter cost towards a sabbatical charter. For more information, contact us
  • Sail as often as you can and it’s better to practice on a small, light boat as it gives you more direct feedback
  • Complete World Sailing’s ‘Offshore Safety’ two-day course
  • Take a diesel engine class
  • Take a first aid course with a focus on outdoor emergencies
  • Research your destination and talk to us as we know the best online resources

Can we invite friends to join us on a sabbatical charter?
You can invite your friends to join you on your sabbatical charter. While you cannot rent out your yacht while on a sabbatical, your friends and family can spend time with you on board. You may need your guests to be flexible on your arrival time and make sure the number of guests on board does not exceed the maximum.

Can I rent out cabins/bunks for weekly guests?
You cannot rent out cabins/bunks for weekly guests as our insurance and other policies do not allow this for sabbatical charters. Give us a call and we will find a suitable solution.

What is the ideal age for kids on a sabbatical charter?
The idea age to take children on a sabbatical charter is between age 4 to 11 years old. Ideally your kids should be out of diapers and able to swim. Also, many teenagers do not want to leave their friends and be with their parents for many months. That said, many families happily cruise long-term with children of any age.

Can we bring our pet?
Pets are welcome aboard our yachts, although some yachts with private owners may not allow pets on board. The skipper is responsible for ensuring pets meet all local laws and regulations and are properly declared when clearing in- and out of countries. We provide no safety gear for pets and rail netting, as used for children, is highly recommended. There is an increased cleaning fee for sabbaticals with pets on board.

How does the equipment on sabbatical yachts differ from charter yachts?
The equipment on board sabbatical yachts is different to charter yachts. Safety is of paramount importance when sailing to remote places. The safety equipment is much more extensive than on a charter yacht and typically meets or exceeds the requirements of the World Cruising Club (ARC).

Comfort depends on the region and budget. We consciously keep things lean with simple, reliable systems, as you don’t want to tinker endlessly or wait for parts in remote marinas. What is needed is a very good dinghy, sustainable energy supply, extensive spare parts and tools and, often, also a water maker.

What options are there for temporarily installing your own equipment on board?
There are options for temporarily installing your own equipment on your sabbatical yacht charter. As with any rental property, you can do anything that does not cause damage and if the yacht can be restored to its original condition.

How does the service or repair work if we are far from one of your bases?
With over 50 bases worldwide, we can offer a great service network. During planning, we will schedule a stop at one of our bases every 40-50 days.

You must report all defects as soon as they happen, so we can prepare for these stops, such as ordering parts. Our experts will carry out all maintenance and repair work. We may also authorize local repairs if the voyage cannot continue otherwise. As with a normal charter contract, the costs for service and repair are borne by us. Damage or losses caused by the crew are excluded.

Before departure, you will have an extensive handover, which includes instructions on how to maintain and repair your boat. Unlike a weekly charter, the responsibility for maintenance and repair lies with the skipper, who must be able and willing to perform maintenance and repairs with remote support.

We also have a 24/7 email hotline for any kind of help you may need and our boats are equipped with satellite communication if they go outside cell phone coverage.

Is the handover always at one of your bases or are these individual handovers?
The charter starting point is always one of our bases to take advantage of our infrastructure for maintenance, repair and care of the yachts. From there you will be able to prepare and provision.

Are there any limitations of where I can take a sabbatical yacht?
There may be restrictions on where you can take a sabbatical yacht, due to:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Crew licensing requirements
  • Civil unrest or war
  • Hazardous navigation conditions

Please discuss your plans with us and let us know if they change.

Can we join the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) , crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean?
You can join the Atlantic Rally for Cruises on your sabbatical yacht charter. We have a limited number of yachts available for this trip. Special conditions apply, talk to us for more information.

Is bluewater cruising environmentally sustainable?
Bluewater cruising is more environmentally sustainable than a house on land in terms of energy and resource consumption. All appliances are optimized for minimal power use and power is created by solar. Sharing a yacht with others, as done in sabbatical charter, minimizes your share of the environmental impact of the yacht’s lifecycle.

There is also a lot you can do yourself to further reduce your environmental impact:

  • Buy local food on markets or direct from farmers
  • Use biodegradable soap and reef-friendly sunscreen
  • Choose your anchoring location carefully to not damage reefs or use moorings when available