Chartering A Power Catamaran With Dream Yacht Charter

04th Oct 2017

Back in May, we announced the exciting addition of power catamarans to our fleet, starting with initial availability in the British Virgin IslandsPuerto RicoLa Paz, and the Bahamas.  But what do these FP Maestro 37ft yachts offer in terms of pros? We’ve put together the key benefits of how power catamarans offer a whole new experience for our charterers.


Top power catamaran benefits


  • Speed: It goes without saying that motor yachts tend to be a lot faster than sail yachts. Motor yachts like the FP Maestro 37 can hit up to 22 knots or so, depending on the sea conditions, which gives a great sense of freedom for thrill seekers. Sail yachts hit around 9-10 knots and are completely reliant on sea and wind conditions, plus the skills of the crew.


  • Efficiency: The extra 10 knots you have on a motor yacht means you can make the most of your vacation time. You can cover distances in half the time it takes a sailing yacht, making motor yachts the perfect choice for island hopping and going short distances. This is why we featured motor yachts at our most popular island hopping and line of sight sailing destinations, so you can have more time exploring favorite islands or discovering new locations


  • Clearance: Motor yachts also have low clearance, which means they are ideal for going under low bridges.


  • Relaxation: Their lack of a mast also makes motor yachts a perfect grab n’ go charter boat, as you won’t have to worry about raising or lowering sails. This means you won’t have to call your guests to be all hands on deck, but can focus on relaxing and letting the motor do the work.


  • Accessible: You can charter motor catamarans with just powerboat experience on your bareboat resume. This means they are a great way for someone who may want to charter in international waters but have yet to gain sailing experience. If you don’t have any sailing or powerboat experience, we can also book a professional captain to handle the vessel for you.


Our team is here to answer any questions to share current charter pricing and availability of our new lineup of FP Maestro 37s, just call our office at 02380 455 527 or email us.